Overthinking and over trying

Peaceful Sonoma Coast

Peaceful Sonoma Coast

Everything has its right time and right season. When the mango is ripe it will fall from the tree. You don’t need to force something to be. ~ Kute Blackson

I am not sure if overthinking and over trying are words, but for the sake of this post today, they are and they fit my mood.

I am very tired. I don’t think it’s as much physical fatigue as it is emotional and mental. I am trying too hard to connect with people. I have this deep need for human connection, but it seems that the harder I try, the fewer connections I am making. Then it dawned on me (again) that less is more. I need to stop trying and just let things happen. I believe there is some truth in playing hard to get, not just when it comes to dating relationships, but also friendships and other relationships. To me it doesn’t really mean to play, but rather, it means to back off, let go, and just let life take its course. If someone wants to connect with you, they will find a way. If not, then it wasn’t meant to be. If you really want something (or someone), set it free. Like a boomerang, it will return if it has a place in your life.


When you let go of where you think you should be, you allow yourself to be where you are. When you allow yourself to simply be, each moment reveals its immense beauty and magic to you, beyond what you could have imagined. You experience the gift of the moment more fully! You then bring yourself into the flow of life. And you will find yourself to be the right person, in the right place, at the right time, doing the right thing, with the right people! ~ Kute Blackson



Simply Beth

End of the Day

End of the Day

The truth is our past no longer wants to hurt us. It is us holding on to our past that continues to hurt us! ~ Ryf Van Rij

Welcome to my new blog. After two years of learning to live fully again, I’ve found myself drawn to the written word to express myself. I have another blog, Traveling Wine Chick, and I have written some personal posts there, but it didn’t seem like the appropriate venue. The idea of another blog has been on my mind for quite some time because I’ve received numerous supportive messages thanking me for sharing my life’s journey via social media. I don’t have a schedule or timetable for this blog. I just plan to write whenever I feel moved to do so.

This past week has been life changing for me. It’s been just over four months since I moved from the East Coast to the West Coast leaving the past behind, after a tumultuous two years of traumatic events, including the sudden end of a relationship that I thought would last forever, loss of a career, and a year of multiple part-time jobs ranging from wine steward to travel agent to adjunct online professor to executive assistant, just trying to make ends meet. After two years, you would think I would be over it all, but this week, I discovered I’m not. Back in December, just before I moved, I started having discomfort in my left shoulder and neck which would cause occasional tingling in my arm and hand. This week I finally sought chiropractic help and had a revelation of sorts. It seems my spine finally gave into the stress and I have moderate misalignment. This misalignment doesn’t just affect me physically, but also mentally. My first adjustment last week has worked wonders for me. As my physical pain and toxicity are released, I feel myself mentally letting go of stuff more and more, and as I do, cool things have started happening to me and for me again, such as offers to travel and write. Yes, I know this sounds like California talking, but I believe I’ve been preventing my own self from moving forward. Zone six, where I have the most tenderness in my neck, correlates with acceptance of change and forward progress. My current plan is to have eight more chiropractic visits over the course of the next four weeks and hope that each brings me closer to overall improved well being.

I have a new career in Napa Valley with which I am content. Where I am challenged is moving beyond the loss of the relationship. I don’t want him back, but I miss having a best friend and the intimacy of being part of a couple. I haven’t been on a date in two years. Is this because I have created an invisible wall around me to protect myself? Will I be alone the rest of my life because I haven’t fully let go of fear of rejection? Is wanting this kind of connection so badly limiting my personal and professional growth and manifesting itself as physical pain? How do I let this go? Suggestions are welcomed in the comments below.

With love,

P.S. No dating advice, please. I’d like to meet someone spontaneously, either by chance or through friends. No online or forced dating for me. This I know in my gut.