What I Know For Sure

1. My favorite six words: “How are you? Are you OK?”
2. Ninety-nine percent of people and businesses never follow through, leaving behind a trail of thoughtlessness, emptiness, and broken promises.
3. Patience has never been my strong suit, until now.
4. A loving demeanor and a heart of gratitude open doors.
5. Kindness and politeness still matter.
6. We sure could use more empathy in our troubled world.
7. No means there is something better waiting.
8. Love yourself and never settle.
9. Let go of what you cannot control and trust that the Universe will take care of you.
10. I know what and whom I can live without.
11. I know who my real friends are.
12. Nothing is forever.
13. Change is guaranteed.
14. Social media is cool, but real life is where the magic happens. A like is never a substitute for substance. Get offline and live.
15. Call or visit. No text, message, or email compares to a voice, a smile, a hug.
16. Working out is an awesome stress reliever, much better than booze and food.
17. I cannot wait until it is warm again. I am cold all of the time.
18. The only person I can count on is myself.
19. I am tougher, more confident, more resilient, and more assertive than I have ever been. Don’t f— with me.
20. I am independent, intelligent, fierce, persistent, and strong. I am Elizabeth Smith, here me roar.

The beauty of trust in the universe

Sonoma Coast Sunset

Sonoma Coast Sunset

I am amazed every day how the universe has my back. I often get myself worked up about something before it happens, trying to brace myself for impact, just to find out I’m being taken care of by a wondrous universe.

Case in point. Today I expected to find myself in a very stressful, precarious, and compromising situation. I was prepared to stand my ground and defend my ethics and integrity. I had a cheerleader who told me,

Beth, you are awesome for not compromising your integrity. I will pray for you, trust that things will go according to what was meant to be. I know you will be OK. You’ve faced way worse than this. Deep breaths, it will be OK.

However, I am a student learning to let go and trust, so I was still skeptical. Finally, towards the end of the day, the situation did not manifest itself. Instead, I was presented with an alternate scenario that I believe was to reassure me that all is not as it seems. There is still goodness and kindness in the world after all.

I had my bi-weekly appointment with my chiropractor tonight. I knew that my body was relapsing a bit due to stress, so I had bookmarked some yoga videos on YouTube thinking them might benefit me. When I arrived, my chiropractor showed me my recovery path by drawing my progress on a whiteboard from icky to perfect. I was right, I was still having ups and downs instead of a straight line to relief. She performed my adjustment and noticed my discomfort after, during my resting period. She recommended yoga twice per week. I mean, could we be much more in tune with each other? She also hugged me and I could see tears in her eyes that mirrored those in mine. I felt comforted in knowing that she got me without having to explain. I am blessed with a new life, yet still struggling with personal demons that manifest themselves physically.

I believe that if we would surrender more, worry less, and just let life happen, we would realize how we are enveloped by the love of a great universe who wants us to succeed and grow. The world is not out to get us, it’s here to teach us how to live the life we desire. It’s in our corner if we are open to believing it is so.

With love,